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Industrial Safety & Consulting

We provide safety consultants for all types of industries. Our safety team is staffed with  highly experienced professionals trained to identify potential problems and investigate potential points of failure in industrial safety plans, systems and evacuation routes. Our health and safety consultants are qualified in Fire Sciences, maintain various training certificates and have hundreds of hours of hands-on industrial experience.

For your best protection, our team can work with your local Fire and Rescue Organisations, to ensure you have a structured health and safety plan in place to tackle any industrial emergency. We provide professional consulting, emergency planning and safety audits in the following areas:

  1. Emergency Response Plans – Formulating contingency plans for a variety of emergency industrial scenarios. These are reviewed annually, especially if there are changes to the industrial workspace.
  2. Fire Safety Consulting – Survey of the critical workspace areas that need additional safeguards for the mitigation of fire risks.
  3. Evacuation Routes – Identification of the best escape routes out of the workspace and evaluation of current plans due to changes in the workspace environment.
  4. Extraction Plans – Providing the proper method and pre-positioning of equipment for a confined space extraction.
  5. Rescue Points – Identify areas used for mounting rescue equipment in an emergency.
  6. Confined Space Entry – Identify and train in proper entry and exit from a confined space, typically for maintenance tasks.